What is a Pop Disposable?
A Pop Disposable, all-in-one vape device. It is made from medical-grade cotton soaked with a liquid mixture of 5% salt nicotine and amazing flavor. The device heats the liquid to produce a vapor. The device itself is slim, sleek, and designed to stay out of your way.

How does the Pop Disposable Work ?
The Pop Disposable is activated when the user draws from it. It has no buttons, does not require ant settings, and is ready to be used straight out of its packaging. It is also created with a unique mechanism of being able to deliver an accurate dose of ejuice in every draw.

What is the best way to vape a pop disposable?
The Pop disposable will accommodate any style that is preferred by the user. It has a tight draw that allows for a smooth throat hit and it produces a satisfying amount of vapor.

How long does a Pop Disposable last?
The original Pop Disposable device comes pre-filled with 1.2 mL of e-liquid and a 280 mAh battery. This will give you around 400 puffs per bar.

Pop Xtra is larger than our original device, there is 3.5 mL of salt nic pre-filled into each Pop Xtra and it’s loaded with a 550 mAh battery. The fully-loaded device gives you more than two times the vape of the original, meaning you get up to 1000 hits from each bar.

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